Board Members

Johnny Allen

Donny Piper

Billy Whitley


Ministries Of The Church


Children's Church - All ages

Teachers:  Charlotte Moree

Tina Piper



Women's Ministry

Leader: Charlotte Moree



Men's Ministry

Leader: Mike Moreee



Nursery Available













Jesus met a woman at the well. He met her on His terms, just as she was.  It was real, it was tender, it was personal, and it stepped beyond the confines of religion.  The woman and the whole town of Samaria were changed forever.

WHO WE ARE:  THE WELL is a church that strives to display an attitude of love, compassion, devotion, and outreach.  A place where you can come to the living water, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, and never thirst again.

MISSION STATEMENT:  To communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, yield to the Holy Spirit as He wills, reach out and witness to the lost and hurting thus building the Kingdom of God, and seek to be people who serve God wholeheartedly, give unselfishly, and care sacrifically.   

OUR VISION:  Our hearts' desire is to be a church where people of all ages are most important.  It is our goal to be like Jesus and simply love people.