Note From The Pastor:

Do you find yourself saying. . .I can’t go any further I’m at the end of my rope?  We have all been at this cross road in our life.  Life’s trials sometimes become too much.  We struggle to handle and solve our problems on our own.  We should realize that life’s trials are some much easier when we lay them at feet of Jesus.  Jesus is there to pick up the pieces and make everything fall into place.  He is a master at solving problems.  The problem we all have is we go to Jesus with our trials and then we pick them up and don’t leave it up to Him for the answer.  We are not superman or superwoman and many times we do not have the answer to our problems.  Jesus is the one who has the super powers to solve all problems.  He is the great I AM.  Life will go a lot smoother if we just give it all to Jesus!


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Blessings, Pastor Dennis Newburn