Notes From The Pastor:


Can God use you?  We have all asked the question…How can God use someone like me?  Jesus came from a line of imperfect people.  There were flaws in the characters of Moses, Abraham, Solomon, David, and many more but they were used of God.  God sees all our sins, flaws, and mistakes.  Our past will not prevent us from being used of God.  To be used of God requires: (1) Complete surrender (2) Repentance (3) Prayer (4) Obedience (5) A humble and willing heart (6) Dependence on Him and (7) Faith and Trust.  You don’t have to be a special person for God to use you.  God used ordinary people thru out the Bible.  If God can take a wicked man like Saul and change him into the mighty man Paul, He can use YOU.  Maybe your life is so cluttered that there is no room for God to get in and use you.  None of us are perfect but with God’s grace at work we are able to be used of God.  Are you ready to say, “Yes, God use me?



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Blessings, Pastor Dennis Newburn