Notes From The Pastor:

We all live a life of pressure and running from one thing to another.  Everything seems to be urgent.  The family, our marriage, our health, and God are being neglected.  The truth is we cannot handle the pressures and stress without God.  Life without God will throw you into a state of chaos.  Stress is a signal that you are overloaded and your plate is full.  Too much prolonged stress may mean it is time to draw some boundaries and start saying "no" and lightening your load.  If we don't find a time of rest and refreshing we will find ourselves falling apart.  There is good news.  The Word of God says in Matthew...Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  God will renew our strength and enables us to handle life and not grow weary if we come to Him.  Let God lift your heavy load and refresh your life!


If I can ever be of any service to you please feel free to contact me at 903-530-8619.

Blessings, Pastor Dennis Newburn